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Highway breakdown leads to fatal

POLICE were last night questioning a truck driver after a Sunshine Coast man was killed on the Bruce Hwy.

The man was standing next to his car when he was struck by the semi-trailer near Nambour about 7.30pm.

The truck did not stop.

It was believed the 52-year-old man was from Pomona. A female friend was in the vehicle, which had broken down.

A mother and daughter from Gympie saw the accident and called police.

They said the truck hit the man as he was walking to the driver's side door.

"There was a car parked on the side of the road, a lady was in the car and the man was walking from her side back to the driver's side when he was hit," one of the witnesses said.

"At this time there were two semi-trailers travelling quite fast past the car - one was on the inside and the other was overtaking.

"Then we just heard a massive thud and the gentleman was hit.

"Neither of the vehicles slowed down or stopped."

The man was thrown about 50m through the air.

He is believed to have died at the scene.

The wife, who was in shock, was taken to Nambour General Hospital.

Police closed the highway at Kulangoor as the Forensic Crash Unit investigated.

The Bruce Hwy was also blocked at Gympie while police searched for the truck driver.

He was later found at Gympie. Police said he was helping them with the investigation.

The witness said she was shaken.

"It was unreal - you just don't expect to see something like that," she said.

"You would assume someone would slow down.

"They would have known that something or someone was hit."

The highway was reopened about 9.35pm.

Police asked anyone who may have seen the incident to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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