Bilo Silo fall guy in more strife

THE Thangool man who suffered head injuries after breaking into the Biloela grain silos early last month appears to be on the road to recovery – he appeared in Biloela Magistrates Court for drink driving.

Luke Munster, 20, with his arm in a sling, pleaded guilty to driving over the legal alcohol limit on Fitzroy Street in Rockhampton on September 27.

His reading was 0.05.

Munster, who did not have any visible injuries to his head and was not wearing bandages, was convicted, fined $250 and disqualified for three months.

Central Telegraph reported Munster’s fall on October 9.

Two of Munster’s friends who were with him in the early hours of October 3 at the time of the silo fall pleaded guilty to trespass.

Police prosecutor acting Senior Constable Troy Daubras said Michael Alexander Parks and Blake William Denniss were walking home from a night out at about 3am with Munster, when they crawled under a door at the silos to have a look

Acting Senior Constable Daubras said they had to use the light from their mobile phones to see inside the silo, and they climbed a platform when Munster fell.

Queensland Fire and Rescue personnel from Biloela had to carefully extract Munster through the door they had climbed under before he was taken by ambulance to Biloela Hospital and later airlifted to the intensive care unit at the Royal Brisbane.

The pair’s solicitor Rick Parkes said they didn’t have any intention of doing any damage.

Parks and Denniss were fined $100 each, with no convictions recorded.

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