The Mother Earth mural at Townsville by Leans, who will be working on the Moura water tower.
The Mother Earth mural at Townsville by Leans, who will be working on the Moura water tower. Contributed

Eyesore to be transformed into a work of art

THE hideous, grey monolith greeting people as they enter Moura will soon be replaced by a vibrant, modern piece of art.

Banana Shire Council is collaborating with the Queensland based creative initiative First Coat to transform the town's water tower by painting a colourful mural on its surface.

Brisbane-based artist Leans, who has painted magnificent pieces in Townsville and the Gold Coast in readiness for the Commonwealth Games will pick up his paint brush in May.

As part of the project, Melbourne-based artist George Rose will also paint a mural on Lawgi Hall.

The Moura Water Tower public artwork has been funded by the Queensland Government's Works for Queensland program, while the Lawgi project was funded through the Regional Arts Development Fund.

Banana Shire arts and cultural officer Shanna Muston said the projects aim to strengthen local pride in the towns and bring energy and colour to the landscapes.

"The artworks aims to capture the character of our people, places and the stories that are unique to our communities, resulting in cultural tourism assets for our community and visitors to enjoy.

"These projects have been developed with local community groups and locals and visitors were welcome to watch the artists at work during completion of the mural and a series of events such as artists talks and community celebrations will be developed," she said.

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