THE RISK: Neglecting servicing can lead to expensive repairs.
THE RISK: Neglecting servicing can lead to expensive repairs. HERBERT JEFF

Don't service and expect car to suffer terminal 'oil sludge'

SOMETIMES I feel as if I've just emerged from surgery - scrub cap in hand with terrible news for the family. On this occasion I was fielding questions from a distraught car owner about why the engine in their pride and joy gave out.

I hate delivering bad news, especially when it's a common problem like this one that's all too easy to prevent.

The prognosis was bad - the late model vehicle needed an entire new engine. A repair job usually only warranted for cars three times it's age. It left the owner facing an eye-wateringly expensive repair bill so I could understand why they were so distressed.

During my autopsy of the engine, I determined the cause of death. It was a condition we in the industry are seeing increase at an alarming rate. It's called "oil sludge" and with regular servicing it's easily preventable.

Servicing and maintaining a car doesn't come cheap, and with so many other expenses attacking our budgets, it's often put on the back-burner and forgotten. But that's a dangerous risk to take.

Everyone should be sticking to the manufacturer's service and maintenance schedule so your vehicle is operating at its best.

Neglecting to do so opens you up to safety risks, can impact your car's warranty and leave your wallet haemorrhaging money to pay for expensive repairs.

So if you don't want to face me, cap in hand, when I deliver bad news, service your car when it's due - it'll be worth it in the long run.

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