COMING SOON: A mock-up poster for the movie to be made in Mackay by Tania Townes-Tass.
COMING SOON: A mock-up poster for the movie to be made in Mackay by Tania Townes-Tass. TruthEmpire Films

CASTING CALL: Talent search for Mackay 'end of days' film

THE Pioneer River, Bucasia salt flats, Eimeo Beach and other picturesque locations are about to become the sets for a Mackay-made movie.

And while Mackay will provide the scenery, the 190-strong cast, crew and talent will also be drawn from around the 4740 postcode.

Developed around an end of days concept, the project is the brainchild of 39-year-old mother of three Tania Townes-Tass.

The QUT media arts and drama graduate and film and production diploma holder expects to start filming in May.

Mrs Townes-Tass is one of eight art project proponents in line to receive a Regional Arts and Development Fund grant through Mackay Regional Council and the Federal Government.

She has been approved by the council's RADF advisory panel to receive a $10,489 grant to go towards the movie titled Tribulation.

According to the project description the film will be set in Central Queensland, where a supernatural disappearance of millions of people catapults the world into chaos, causing a cult dictatorship to rise out of the darkness.

Mrs Townes-Tass said the inspiration came from her step-mother talking about the 'end of days' stories in the Bible.

In the New Testament, the 'end of days' is referred to by Jesus as the 'Great Tribulation', where chaos effects pregnancies and "a scourge will spread throughout the flesh”.

Mrs Townes-Tass, who lives locally with her family, questioned what would happen in Mackay if it was the end of the world.

"(In the script) the world has come back under one governing system that became quite controlling; meanwhile in Mackay there is this kid who is pretty rebellious and doesn't want to conform,” she said.

Who will play that kid is yet to be determined but it will surely be someone from the region.

Mrs Townes-Tass said the film would be a completely community-based production, her friends and their children having roles as casting directors, special effects, wardrobe and set designers.

Meanwhile, she is after more help from anyone interested in getting a credit in a motion picture.

"It will be all volunteers, it is a collaborative, we can't pay you but everyone will be in the credits,” she said.

As for why she is starting her directing career just before she turns 40, Mrs Townes-Tass said she has the same passion for film as ever and the time was right as her children were 11, 13 and 15 years old.

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