Callide MP Colin Boyce.
Callide MP Colin Boyce. Philippe Coquerand

Callide MP will be voting against abortion changes

CALLIDE MP Colin Boyce is against the push for change to the abortion laws, stating there is no need to change the current legislation.

The Liberal National Party member met with the other LNP MPs in a party meeting on Tuesday regarding the proposed legislation.

The Queensland Opposition met for two hours and came to the conclusion that it would allow a conscience vote.

This means there will be a free vote on the issue and it will be debated in parliament next month.

The proposed bill changes abortion from a criminal code to a health issue and allows women to terminate pregnancies up to 22 weeks.

The changes also include the introduction of safe zones around clinics and medical facilities which offer the procedure, to stop staff and patients being harassed by anti-abortion activists.

Under the free vote, Mr Boyce said he would not be supporting the bill.

"I can't see the need for any change to the current legislation,” he said.

"Twenty-two weeks is too far in a pregnancy.”

Mr Boyce told The Central Telegraph the way the current legislation was at the moment there are "something like 14,000 abortions that happen now”.

State data estimates there are 10,000-14,000 abortions in Queensland each year.

"I see no need to change that,” he said.

When questioned about women in the Callide electorate needing to travel to have an abortion, Mr Boyce said in either legislation they would still have to.

"That's just the way the system is... we see the closure of birthing f

acilities like in Theodore,” he said.

"If you can't have a baby there, why would you

want to have an abortion there.”

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