The Lego farmer checks the rain gauge after heavy falls.
The Lego farmer checks the rain gauge after heavy falls. Little Brick Pastoral

Building a better picture for agriculture

FOR a figurine, it's surprising how much of a challenge this little Lego farmer can be during a photo shoot.

"If it happens to be a windy day it can take a while because he tends to blow away,” Little Brick Pastoral creator Aimee Snowden explained.

Aimee is the talented 26-year-old creator behind Little Brick Pastoral, an initiative she started originally for fun but is now strongly steering towards a tool for widespread agricultural education.

While the Lego farmer only stands about 4cm high, he has proved to pack an almighty punch when it comes to starting a positive conversation around farming.

Now based at home on her family's mixed-enterprise property at Tocumwal in the southern Riverina, Aimee explained what made her so passionate about agriculture.

"I love being able to work in an industry that's creative and innovate,” Aimee said.

"I find it exciting, and I just want to share that.”

She captures the Lego farmer, who is dressed with a wide-brim hat, feeding cattle, welding in the shed and even washing his vehicle before the Deni Ute Muster.

He is cute, often funny and eye-catching, so Little Brick Pastoral is enjoying a substantial following online.

Their Facebook page alone has more than 8000 followers.

"I think because it's fun people are interested,” she said. "The fun factor is as big as anything. Everyone has some form of connection with Lego, whether they played with it as a kid or their kids play with it now.”

Aimee admits she wasn't a huge Lego fan when she was a kid, it was mostly her brother Tim who played with them.

But she has now embraced her inner Lego creator and enjoys setting up her photo shoots, which sometimes can involve crafting tiny square bales of hay.

"It can be a challenge,” she said.

"I have to try and make sure the background is in the right perspective to him. And physically I have to be low to ground because he is so small.”

Last year Aimee had a massive win when her Lego education kits were rolled out through New South Wales by the Department of Primary Industry to schools. She admitted this is something she never believed possible when she started.

"I find that really exciting, because that's where my passion is,” she said.

"I just want a positive conversation about agriculture.”

Visit www.littlebrickpastoral .com to find out more.

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