Cracow still without water

BOB Gregory thought his long wait for water was over when Banana Shire Council workers hooked up his house to the newly constructed town water supply.

But two weeks later, the water is still not flowing and Cracow residents like Bob are getting angry at the long wait.

Back in March, Central Telegraph reported that construction would take up to three months, with the water expected to be switched on by the end of June.

“We're (Cracow residents) not real happy - the tanks are getting low,” Bob said.

He said they had paid for the water as part of the rates notices but had yet to see the precious liquid come out of their taps.

Bob has phoned the council several times but the relevant managers were not available and have not returned his calls.

The pensioner said he had not paid to truck in water, having paid for the plumbing and water charges expecting the water to be switched on by now.

Another Cracow resident, who didn't want to be named, said it had been a long frustrating drawn-out process.

She said many residents had not laid out the large expense for water to be trucked in, having paid for plumbing, only to be still waiting for water.

The resident said she was not impressed by a recent community meeting where she felt council provided no answers.

Banana Shire CEO Ray Geraghty said the water was expected to be flowing on Wedensday. But Bob said yesterday he still didn't have water.

It was hoped the water supply would be completed by the end of last year.

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