A new RACQ report reveals how much truckies are forking out to fill up when they come through Biloela.
A new RACQ report reveals how much truckies are forking out to fill up when they come through Biloela. Cordell Richardson

RACQ: Biloela diesel prices the highest in Queensland

BILOELA diesel prices were the highest in Queensland last month - and there was no excuse for it, according to the state's peak motoring body.

The RACQ's latest fuel price report revealed the average cost of diesel in Biloela in June was 159.7 cents per litre, 3.2c higher than in Brisbane and 7.4c higher than in nearby Gladstone.

That price represented a jump of 6.3 cents per litre from May, the second- highest jump in the state after that recorded in Moranbah, and more than the 4.2c rise across the rest of regional Queensland.

RACQ spokeswoman Lucinda Ross said even with instability in the global oil price, there was no reason for the high diesel prices.

She instead pointed at high retail margins, which jumped by 7.5 cents per litre to 17.5 cents per litre in Biloela last month.

"We'd urge drivers to only fill up at servos offering fair prices and shun the retailers (with higher prices)," she said.

"Even if there's a service station charging a cent or two less, it's worth giving them your business.

"It might not seem like a lot of money but it shows them that people power is important and encourages them to do the right thing.

"We've seen it work in Cairns, where everyone supported the cheaper station and it saw the average price of unleaded come right down."

The RACQ's estimated fair price for diesel in Biloela, obtained by taking the wholesale price and adding what the RACQ considers a fair retail margin, was 151.6 cents per litre yesterday.

Diesel prices in Biloela as of 10am Thursday:

  • BP/Lowes Bulk Fuel depot: 157.9cpl
  • Puma Supamax Biloela (both): 159.9cpl
  • Caltex Biloela: 159.9cpl
  • Woolworths Caltex Biloela: 159.9cpl
  • BP Orbit Biloela: 159.9cpl

Visit racq.com.au/fairfuel to find out where the best deals are in your area.

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