Biloela out of water in six months

BILOELA’S town water supply could be bone dry within six months unless significant rain falls during summer.

Banana Shire Council has revealed that there is sufficient water available in Callide Dam until mid-April 2010 and it is urging everybody living in Biloela, Thangool and the Callide Dam village to use water sparingly and observe the current water restrictions.

Mayor John Hooper said warm weather had resulted in water usage in the Biloela/Thangool areas increasing from 69.7 megalitres a month to 79.9 megalitres.

“We introduced Level 4B water restrictions in early October and what impact these new restrictions have had is still to be determined,” Cr Hooper said.

“We really need everybody’s co-operation to reduce water usage and most people in these three towns are doing the right thing.

“Without any flows into the dam, we have enough water to see us through to about mid-April next year.

“However, it is likely that Callide Dam will at least receive some inflow from storms during the summer months to provide additional water for the town.

“If there are no flows to Callide Dam during summer, the council will have to purchase additional water from Awoonga Dam.

“This option is expensive, but may be necessary.

“In July next year council may again access water from the Callide Power Station under infrastructure agreement provisions.”

Council has avoided accessing water from the town bores to minimise potential impact on operations at Tey Bros Biloela meatworks who are not connected to the town water supply and rely solely on bore water.

In addition to tightening water restrictions, the council will police water usage in the three towns.

Water supply and sewerage engineer Anthony Lipsys said council officers were reviewing water records to help identify residents not obeying water restrictions or with excessive water usage.

“Anyone with high water readings will be contacted and asked to explain their high water usage,” he said.

“Flow restrictors may be installed on water lines to individual properties to force these residents to reduce water consumption.”

Water restrictions
  • Total sprinkler ban
  • Hand-held hoses, micro spray and drip systems fitted with timers can be used between 6am-7am and 6pm-7pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • Hand-held hoses must be fitted with a trigger-operated nozzle.
  • Only one hose per property at any time.
  • Watering cans or buckets filled directly from taps can be used at any time.

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