Karen Zimmermann sent in this photo, taken at Biloela with some barley hay baled up.
Karen Zimmermann sent in this photo, taken at Biloela with some barley hay baled up. Karen Zimmermann

A big cockatoo, water park, free camping: YOUR SAY

WITH the land dry, rainfall scarce and a new year on the cards, attention has turned to the tourism future of Biloela and the Banana shire.

It has been a difficult time for the region, with council recently acknowledging that the market-ready tourism product across the shire is relatively immature and there is more work required both between council and business and industry associations.

Banana Shire Council Mayor Nev Ferrier told the Telegraph recently that council was in talks on a project to help boost visitor numbers to the region and generate positivity in the region.

"We are struggling because of the drought because people on the land don't have spare money on the land."

We asked how you think Biloela could attract more tourism. Many people suggested the town needed 'A Big Cockatoo'. Josie Rigney suggested utilising some of the town's older buildings, adding it was likely to be quite costly. 

Here's what you said:

Kylie Moore Definitely a water park near lions park would be awesome

Janelle Milios A big Cockatoo so when tourists type in Google search The Big Cockatoo Australia there is Biloela. Then we could have more items created to sell at the Silo Cockatoo stuffed toys Cockatoo rulers, pens, pencil toppers, key rings etc. Everyone will want a photo with the big Cockatoo. Create a webpage for the tourist attraction saying what else is here and a trip planner for this destination, to wake up and eat breaky at many of our beautiful cafes etc

Josie Rigney Maybe more attractions featuring our main income producing streams, agriculture and mining. Maybe more silo type art? The Silo is great, if there were an extra one or two more things happening here to look at then that would be more worth the trip for those travelling and looking around. Not sure about a big Cockatoo, but perhaps a Cockatoo/s painted on something? Would also love to see some of our older buildings utilised in some way... the old post office and butter factory. But probably lots of $$$ need to be spent there.

Deanna Edwards You could paint a lovely picture on the silo. Even include other birds and animals native to our area with a large white cockatoo in.

Josie Rigney The painting on the water tower here is excellent too and I know a few stop to have a look...

Deanna Edwards Big dollars come into town when they can camp at the dam on the shore side. They only have a view of the wall in the resort. When there was 50 or more staying out there for a few weeks they had to spend money in the town. Council should look into other towns that allow camping. Biloela has been put in the mobile home club magazine as a no go area a few years ago. I don't know if we are back in there again because of the no camping on the shoreline.

Ben Webb The problem is that bilo is classed as a mining town, one of the only ways for people to stay and spend more money is for prices everywhere to come down, I've had people tell me that even our Woolworths is more expensive then some others around. If we offer nothing at a ridiculous price then there's no way people are going to want to spend their money here. No matter what gets offered, price is always going to be the make or break of it all.  

Richard Baldwin Let people and campers back out at the dam for free instead of paying big dollars to camp out there that way they will stay for longer buy food Nd look around instead of going to Moura or other places with free camp sites

Alyssa Gurnick Definitely a water park

Malcolm Henney Leave some water in the Dams. Who wants to look at a puddle that stinks.

Dianne Morris Bring back the Comedy & Food festival. Everyone loves to laugh and loves to feed & drink

Tanya Ruthenberg I think the 'big cockatoo' sounds like a great idea.

Leanne Davis Water park at lions park or area near skate park would be good could put a heap of BBQ and picnic areas in too.

Nancy Haggarty Clermont has the right idea with Theresa creek park and camping. Amazing benefit to the town.  

Nathan Delise A lot of people even buy fuel out of town cause it's cheaper.  

Sharon Maree Chalk Water Park and definitely The Big Cockatoo

Leah Mulholland Water park for little ones and big kids (slides) or the pool to install big slides . A cinema also nothing flash but somewhere for families to enjoy the latest release instead of $$$ fuel money to trip to rocky or gladdy .... even reopen a outdoor theatre BYO chairs ect. Anything in town really caters for toddlers or primary school kids... Maybe a teenage hub that has a.c., pool tables, juke box, Wi-Fi (tech gen) somewhere cool and safe to hang and not cause trouble through boredom

Tanya Muirhead A club down south set a gold room, it's fantastic you can order food and have a cold bevie while watching your movie.

Al Grimshaw The big cockatoo

Tori C Britton More take out... more life a proper mining lookout... water parks.. a bigger another park like rocky    

Eliza-Jayne Naylor Something like they have at east shores with the water park, playground suitable for all ages and abilities would be great! I'd lived here for nearly 12 months before I even knew what was at the silo - it was great to visit and learn some of the history. We visit the dam but there's no decent facilities to keep us there for more than an hour & the playground there and lions park need some serious upgrades. Lake Victoria also has no decent facilities for families. There's nothing keeping families in biloela on the weekends or school holidays so why would visitors want to come and spend time here if everyone in the town seems to leave during the peak times

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