Beefed-up racing

THANGOOL Hoteliers Beef and Coal Race Day on Saturday was another very successful day for country racing.

A crowd of about 400 settled in on the mild autumn day with an assortment of old and young, flamboyant and elegant folk enjoying the opportunity to catch up with friends, place the odd bet and get dressed up.

Local horse trainer Mick Hicks won the main race with his horse “Snagapot”.

Pat Brennan received a second with his horse.

The races were full fields with 70 runners in total.

Next race meeting is May 30.

When asked the question, “What do the Thangool Races mean to you,” most said it was about catching up with friends and having a punt while supporting the local racing.

Tegan Shaw and Cameron Shaw said “this is our first race day and it is awesome, should be more of them”.

Thomas Gangemi, Calum Gangemi and Jack Rideout, Jack said “I have been coming since I was really little with our horses”.

Jenny and Rod McDonald with Brewer and Byrne families said “It's a great day out with lots of laughing and losing”.

Tim Newman and Terry Zillman, Tim said “good to see how the country folk do it”. Terry said “a great social and community event”.

Chris Witham and Nick Drochman, “Always a good day out with good atmosphere, especially because it was Nick's birthday on the day”.

Kristin & Darren Sainsbury said “the day means friends, horses, fun and fashion”.

Sharon Wilson and Maree Bennett , Sharon said “it's about hopefully winning some money and Maree said it's about catching up with friends you haven't seen for ages and having a bet”.

Amie Follett, Melinda Petty, Rebecca Raddell-Gwyder, “Amie said it was a reason to get retro, Melinda said it was a great social day out, Rebecca said it was good for the community to so involved”.

Brendan Achille, Edith Vanhengel and John King: Brendan said it was lots of fun with beer and lovely ladies. Edith said it was her first time her and a great experience and John said “it was about socialising and horses.

Declan O'Connor (Ireland) and Sanne Ahrens (Germany) said it was a good spot and they loved it.

Mick Delroy and Desley said “it was a good day out mixing with the community and trying to pick a winner”.

Jess Witham, Renee Tyrrell and Lisa Keys said “it was a great opportunity to support local communities and country racing”.

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