Discounted cat desexing is now available.
Discounted cat desexing is now available. Max Fleet BUN100912PET1

Banana Shire Council launches cat desexing program

ELIGIBLE Banana Shire residents on pensions or low income will pay just $35 to desex their male cats and $55 for the first female cat, with additional female cats only $35.

Banana Shire Council and Animal Welfare League Queensland's National Desexing Network have launched the co-operative desexing program to prevent unwanted cats in Banana Shire.

"I encourage eligible residents to take advantage of this great program,” Mayor Nev Ferrier said.

"It makes sense for council to subsidise cat desexing to prevent stray and abandoned cats which often become feral and continue to breed.

"The whole community and native wildlife will benefit.”

Dr Joy Verrinder, strategic director of AWLQ's National Desexing Network urged Banana Shire residents to get their cats desexed before the warmer months when thousands of unwanted kittens were born.

"Female cats should be desexed before four months of age before they can get pregnant,” Dr Verrinder said.

"Male and female kittens can be safely desexed from two months of age and one kilogram in weight.

"We thank the local veterinary clinics who are helping to provide this community service.”

Participating veterinary clinics include Callide Valley Vet Clinic in Biloela, Moura Vet Clinic and Taroom Vet Surgery.

"Similar programs in Ipswich and on the Gold Coast over the past six to eight years have successfully reduced the number of stray and abandoned kittens in the community,” Dr Verrinder said.

"AWLQ is currently managing this year-round life-saving program for seven councils, with a growing number of councils interested because it is proactive, and reduces community costs of managing unwanted cats.”

Residents in need of support can phone the National Desexing Network on 55099044 to find out if they are eligible and receive a desexing voucher, while funds last.

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