FAN FAVOURITE: Author Wilbur Smith has sold over 130 million novels worldwide.
FAN FAVOURITE: Author Wilbur Smith has sold over 130 million novels worldwide. Contributed

Author's exciting new addition to 50 years of works

THE pages of On Leopard Rock explode with detailed recollections of gripping events that became the foundation for Smith's fiction:

. Cheating death as a youth after finding himself stranded in the unforgiving African bush... days away from civilisation without a drop of water.

. Serving with the Rhodesian police, where he witnessed up close the horrors of the civil war that would rage for fifteen years.

. Wild nights and days with stars of the movies based on his books - including losing a bid for Susannah York's affection to Roger Moore, and vodka-fuelled adventures with Lee Marvin.

. Face-to-face encounters in the wild with deadly reef sharks, fierce African lions, and massive Alaskan grizzly bears.

. Weathering groundless charges of racism from critics, and channelling the hope represented by his personal hero Nelson Mandela into later novels set in the new South Africa.

"I've been writing novels for over 50 years. I was lucky enough to miss the big wars and not get shot, but lucky enough to grow up among the heroes who had served in them and learn from their example.”

In On Leopard Rock, Smith reflects on his remarkable life, intimately documenting the experiences and lessons that shaped his storytelling mastery. From near-death encounters with wild game in the African bush and beyond, to harrowing on-the-ground experiences in politically volatile Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and South Africa under apartheid, Smith's memoir is as riveting and precisely detailed as his iconic novels.

On Leopard Rock begins with Smith's childhood on a sprawling cattle ranch owned by his tough-as-nails father who was Smith's real-life hero and often his inspiration.

On Leopard Rock is far more than a collection of captivating anecdotes. In rendering the building blocks of his towering writing life, Wilbur Smith demonstrates yet again why he is an acknowledged master of storytelling. For the millions of longtime and new Smith fans, the publication of his memoir is sure to be a highlight of 2018.

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