John West loves the
John West loves the "exciting” trucking industry. VOLVO GROUP

150th UD ready to hit roads

THE trucking industry is an exciting one, one that's changing. And changing for the better.

That's what John West Logistics managing director John West thinks.

"The industry is much better than it was five years ago, significantly better than 10 years ago and you can't put a number on how much better it is now than it was 20 years ago,” he said.

Mr West, who has more than 40 years of experience in the transport and logistics industry (20 of those were spent working for the Mayne Nickless Group), started up his contract logistics Brisbane-based business that has depots all over Australia and in New Zealand, in 2000.

Mr West recently celebrated an exciting milestone with one of his important business partners - Volvo Group, with UD Trucks handing over the keys to his 150th UD Truck.

For as long as he's been in business, the majority of Mr West's fleet has been made up predominately of Volvo trucks, with Macks and UDs.

Mr West said his relationship with with the company went back as far as the 1980s, when he bought his first truck.

He said he had a great working relationship with Mark Strambi, UD Trucks Vice President Sales.

"It's been a great partnership and it was nice to celebrate the 100th (UD) milestone and now the 150th. Now we're looking forward to the 200th.”

John West Logistics celebrated the delivery of their 150th UD Truck.
John West Logistics celebrated the delivery of their 150th UD Truck. VOLVO GROUP

Mr West said Volvo Group took care of all of the servicing and maintenance of the trucks and they worked together closely to find specific trucks that suit JWL's unique applications.

As for what the new truck will be doing?

Mr West said it will be carting empty beer bottles in Queensland.

UD Trucks National Fleet Manager Grant Walford said the prime mover was the first to be delivered of the "new generation” and include a suite of safety features.

Mr West praised the safety features of the truck, saying "most trucks on the road these days are better than most cars”.

He said all of his drivers enjoyed driving the trucks.

All of his trucks were fitted out with telematics, he said, which also kept drivers happy.

"It's great, it protects them and it protects us.”

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