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Abbott pledges funding for diabetes

Story Published: 29 Nov 2012

A HUNDRED children with type-one diabetes created a tide of blue shirts in Canberra’s Parliament House on Thursday as they...

Living a healthy life can limit risk of diabetes

Story Published: 15 Jul 2013

EPIDEMIC levels of diabetes are putting the health of countless Australians at risk and costing the country millions of...

Diabetic honoured for long and healthy life

Story Published: 18 Jun 2013

GYMPIE resident Win McCarter was awarded a Kellion Victory Medal last week, to mark her personal triumph of living a long...

100 children with type 1 diabetes to be given insulin pumps

Story Published: 21 Oct 2013

MORE than 100 Australian children with Type 1 diabetes could soon get access to an insulin pump for treatment, with an...

Daily intake of soft drink increases Type 2 diabetes risk

Story Published: 26 Apr 2013

DRINKING a can of cola a day increases the risk of developing diabetes by a fifth, according to research.

Mum takes her leap of faith for diabetes cure

Story Published: 21 Mar 2013

ROSEWOOD mum Carmel Luetchford has high hopes a cure for Type 1 diabetes will soon be found.

Christmas drinks can pour on kilojoules as much as food

Story Published: 14 Dec 2012

QUEENSLANDERS are being urged to pay attention to what they drink this Christmas to avoid pouring on the kilojoules.

Diabetes risk doubles in remote or disadvantaged areas

Story Published: 19 Aug 2013

LIVING in remote or socially disadvantaged areas doubles the risk of developing diabetes, a major 12-year study of...

Experts say often foods less healthy than you may think

Story Published: 10 Dec 2013

QUICK and easy is not always healthy when it comes to grabbing a bite to eat.

Zoe’s inspirational ink may be life saving

Story Published: 8 May 2014

FOR some people, getting a tattoo that reminds them of their illness might be a source of sadness but for Wondunna's Zoe...


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