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Senate move to force Government to define public 'metadata'

THE Greens have won support from the Senate to force the government to table documents explaining the definition of public “metadata”.


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rabbit499 - Bangalow

Nice try Greens but they'll lie to you like they lie to the Australian public. Under the Five Eyes program Australia has a deal to spy on and swap info with USA, Britain, Canada and NZ. So we're going to have a secret police spying on Australian...


New Auckland is one of Gladstone’s leading suburbs. It and new housing developments will help cater for population growth.

Worst is yet to come for Gladstone property

THE suggestion that now is a good time to buy property in Gladstone is "very bad advice from people who will earn money if investors act on it", analyst says.


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Sick of hearing doom and gloom about the market going bust and no jobs, all it causes is stress and anxiety and discourages further growth in our region. How about some good news for a change?


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