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Sonia Kruger

OPINION: Having kids 'too late' in life is a selfish act

CALL me heartless, but I think Sonia Kruger and her partner are incredibly selfish for having a baby at 48 with the assistance of an egg donor.


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Sunnymooloolaba - Mooloolaba

You guys have NO idea I am 41 yo trying to have a baby, I suppose you all fell pregnant naturally and have 2 and a half kids too.... dont be so pig headed, greedy and bias

Bill Hoffman


OPINION: Take comfort in reasoned voices

POLITICIANS too often treat people as fools and in doing so drive many away from discussion that should involve thoughtful consideration.


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Dazzat - Sippy Downs

What a difference a week or two makes. Could I just remind you Mr Hoffman that in your column recently you bemoaned Mr Abbott and the Federal Government's involvement in the recovery of the bodies in the Ukraine as merely creating a distraction.

Damian Bathersby

Sami Muirhead

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