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CALM DOWN: Road rage isn’t exceptable police say.

Do you have a psychopath in your workplace?

THE corporate executive world statistically has a higher level of individuals with psychopathic traits than the general population, research shows.

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Jerabek - Tiaro

My big worry is, do we in this State of Qld or Fed, have undiagnosed psychopaths ?...as there is no mandatory evaluation on would be MPs or PMs,who run Oz!!! In USA when people apply for High end jobs...they have to undergo their evaluation BEFORE...



Ask powerful questions of your business

WHILE we are busy with day-to-day questions and answers in our business, we need to get a little more serious about the types of questions we are asking.

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terry01 - Harristown

Here is another what are we doing to attract the best possible "team member" to come and work for us? How do we reward those "team members" who go the extra mile for our customers? As a business what can we do to make your task easier? Without good...

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If you suspect someone of wrong-doing, you may need to arrange a silent raid to prove your point. Look after the details now, even if others...

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