All-new Top Gear about to return to our TV screens

Top Gear is back with a new line-up of presenters to front the motoring show phenomenon. We interview presenter Sabine Schmitz about her life with cars

Volvo’s 40 series concepts revealed: the XC40 is coming

40 SERIES: Small SUV and small sedan teased with concept car pictures, pointing at Volvo's compact electric and hybrid future.

Volvo prepares to unleash a new compact range

Holden Trailblazer seven-seat SUV will replace Colorado 7

BLAZING SADDLES: New Trailblazer will arrive in Australia later this year offering more style, luxury and advanced technology over the outgoing Colorado 7.

Global Trailblazer model revealed in Brazil

Mercedes-AMG GT3 is the ultimate thrill ride

HOT LAP: 6.3-litre V8 AMG GT3 in all its glory at Sydney Motor Sport Park.

The $575,000 Mercedes-AMG GT3 is a G-force buzz.

New Abarth 595s arrive sharply priced

CHEAPER ENTRY: New 103kW Abarth 595 in hard top and cabrio form hit Australia from $27,500.

More affordable hot Abarths arrive

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Catch up with today’s top stories

CATCH up on today's news quickly, with the top stories from across the transport industry.

Scania links up with Ericsson to test 5G mobile technology

GIANT STRIDE: Scania and Ericsson are pioneering 5G transport communications.

Scania links up with Ericsson to test 5G mobile technology

Stralis a quiet ride

TEST DRIVE: The  Iveco Stralis AS-L has some  new aerodynamics.

IT's been a while since I hopped into a Stralis.

PART 3: A 'traumatic 12 months' for Jon Kelly

Jon Kelly Heavy Haulage Australia Sumner Park depot open day July 13. Photo Contributed by Keith Hawley

Jon Kelly says he's been threatened since the collapse of HHA.

Iveco’s ‘big car’

BIG CAR: The new Iveco Stralis AS-L is aimed at long-haul trucking and regional work.

IVECO’S aims the Stralis prime mover at long haul moves.

The world’s best mechanics in the international finals

REVVED UP: The Townsville Barras step up at  VISTA.

The world's best mechanics in the international finals